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by Crowe on March 20, 2011

Well, as I wrote on the hotwifeblog last night… Joss was out last night and had a great time, or so she tells me (she’s didn’t get in until 3 am and is still asleep now, though, because she hadn’t seen George since before Christmas and he wore her out… lucky man). So I can’t share the details with you yet on my hotwifeblog, but I will as soon as I get them.

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But that brings up a question I’ve been asked:

Why are You Writing a Hotwifeblog?

Well, there are several reasons for that.

Probably the most important is just that I want to. It’s a bit like a diary and I have to admit I love writing about my life because it’s fun and exciting – but it’s not something I can easily share with friends, family and colleagues.

So that’s the first reason.

The second reason for the hotwifeblog is I think a lot of what I read on forums and other blogs about the hotwife lifestyle is, really, a load of rubbish.

I mean, have you ever noticed how all the wives are sex mad and have several lovers, and spend most nights of the week in bed with them, sometimes more than one in a day? And then they’re often black and really well hung, and the man loves all the cuckold creampies – all the cliche and stereotypical nonsense that ticks all the boxes for the myth of what real couples want from the hotwife lifestyle?

I guess some of it’s real but I get the impression a lot of it is just silly made-up stuff (that’s probably why they get so angry when you point out the problems and inconsistencies with their “true stories”).

It’s funny, but when I have email conversations with the people on the forums I’m on, none of them actually live these outlandish lifestyles some of the others post about. Most people I know into the hotwife lifestyle are normal, sensible men and women living fairly normal and sensible lives… with the biggest difference between them and the neighbours being the wife has other lovers with her husband’s knowledge, consent, approval and even urging. That’s it, really. We’ve even met couples (at swinger’s parties in the beginning) and they’re all normal, too, if anything can be said to be normal).

So I wanted to make my own little corner of the Internet, this hotwifeblog you’re reading now, a safe haven for reality.

And the third reason, which really is part of the second, I suppose, is I want to help other couples who are interested in the lifestyle (usually men at first, it has to be said) take their first steps and make as few mistakes as possible while they’re doing it! After all, we all probably know of the bad things that can happen when things go wrong – and I’ll share some of the mistakes we made in the guide and on this hotwifeblog).

And what would really help me – and probably everyone else, too – would be if you commented below and asked me what you’d like to read about on my hotwifeblog. What’s bugging you, what worries you, all the things you think are standing between you and the hotwife lifestyle you want so much.

I want to make this hotwifeblog and the hotwife guide the place where sensible couples come to get into the hotwife lifestyle in a safe, sane and sensible way!

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